Kura Tenshi

Welcome To The Masquerade

"A little birdy told me you like to roleplay."
"Well, that birdy is now free."

Here in this place will you will understand what peace means...
Here we are one and together we strive for a better world, somewhere to call home...somewhere where we can all forget our sorrows.
This is a place of wonders beyond your imagination.
"Don't fall in love with me, it cannot last forever..."
"Be careful...for there are secrets of the broken...for they are darker than black..."


Second haul for the con! Tag yourself if you see you.

I was Cheshire :3


Some awesome cosplays I got pictures of at animenext!!

If you see yourselves and wish to be tagged, message me!!

I was Cheshire Cat :3

"One day, I will be Rhapsoden’s queen…I cannot falter now…"


"You’re someone special, but I’m someone else."